Why Us?

Your private driving lessons are conducted in Ubi, Eunos, Paya Lebar and Comfort Driving Centre. All driving lessons are conducted in a professional manner by our private instructor.

Currently, we only offer manual driving lessons. A qualified driver with Class 3 license issued by Singapore Traffic Police is able to drive both manual and auto car with no restrictions. Whereas, Class 3A license is restricted to driving an auto car.

With GST rising from 5% to 7% in July 2007, This will attribute additional costs to all driving centre candidates. Driving Students learning from private driving instructor will save a lot more without incurring GST charges. And we almost forget about the 9% GST in 2020.

IF you are not aware, the test fees for Basic Theory and FInal Theory are no longer $6.00 each. Both have increased to $6.50 each. If you are 18 years and above, and eligible to start learning driving, we would suggest that you should start as early as possible. Before more price revision take place.

Don’t hesitate and procrastinate, because the latest fee revision affect the practical driving test as well. What used to be $20 before 2015 will be increased progressively from $26 to $33 in 1 June 2016.

Source: Straits Times

Our Learning Rates 
(Still as before.. Though challenging, We will maintain it as long as we could.. )

Beginner's Driving Lessons

Yeo's Beginner

Lesson Fees
$ 57 Per Lesson (90 mins)
  • $80 Enrolment Fee


Lesson Fees
$ 57 - 77 Per Lesson (90 mins)
  • Additional Lesson Fees (Sat, Sun & P.Hs)
  • $80 - $120 Enrolment Fee

Refresher Driving Lessons

Yeo's Refresher

Lesson Fees
$ 80 Per Lesson (90 mins)
  • Min. 6 Refresher Lessons
  • $160 Enrolment Fees


Lesson Fees
$ 80 - 200 Per Lesson (90 mins)
  • Additional Lesson Fees (Sat, Sun & P.Hs)
  • Min. 10 Refresher Lessons
  • $200 Enrolment Fees

*Rates updated on: JUN’2016

How Affordable Are We?

Most driving students take an average of 25 practical driving lessons to learn different driving techniques and passing with a Class 3 / 3A driving license issued by the traffic police.

Lessons Fee Comparison Table


Every 90 mins

Every 100 mins

Yeo’s beginner
driving lesson

Driving School

Auto / Manual

Auto / Manual

Mon to Fri 8.30a.m – 4.30p.m



Weekdays after 4.30p.m & Weekkends





Yeo’s beginner
driving lesson

Driving School

Auto / Manual

Auto / Manual

Enrollment Fee


S$90 – $165.85

Membership Renewal Fee (Extension)




Above rates only consists of Practical Training fee only.
All fees are inclusive of 7% GST w.e.f 1 July 2007.
updated on: JUN’2016

Estimated Cost of Practical Lessons


Yeo’s beginner
driving lessons

Driving School


Auto / Manual

Auto / Manual

16 lessons (weekdays rate) & 9 lessons (weekends rate )



Above rates served as a reference only on possible cost incurred.

A COOL SAVINGS of S$354.04!!!



  • For refresher lessons & remedial lessons, please contact us for the current learning fee rate.
  • For Class 3C/3CA license holder, planning to convert to Class 3 driving license. Please refer here for more details.