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  1. NEW Learning Vehicle: Toyota Vios!
  2. was launched in 06 June 2007.
  3. A Learning Pick up/ drop off location has been added to the site for driving students.
Updated on the 23 July 2015.

Looking for Private Driving Instructor?

Based in Singapore, We provide affordable private driving rates for our students who wish to acquire qualify Class 3 driving license. Our thoughtful and patient driving instructor has 30 years of teaching experience in conducting private driving lessons for our students who ranges from professionals to tertiary students.

Our beginner driving lessons equip our students with basic safety driving knowledge. Most importantly, our safe driving skills and techniques are imparted to our beginner students have help them pass the stringent practical driving test conducted by driving school. All have obtained a Class 3 driving license issued by the singapore traffic police through our carefully structured driving lessons plan. Our beginner driving lessons are conducted professionally and patiently by our experienced private instructor.

We do provide refresher driving lessons for professionals who are interested in familiarise and improving their driving skills. Refreshers will go through an evaluation questionaire on their current driving familarities. The refresher lessons are conducted in a flexible manner based on the professionals' schedule and their commitments.

Remedials driving lessons are also conducted for driving schools candidates who have difficulties in getting a learning slots or due to clash of schedules and wish to acquire more on road driving experience before their practical driving test.

Our students with busy personal or work schedules are able to benefit from our flexible booking system, patient teaching, 30 years of teaching driving experience and our instructor's invaluable driving experience.

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